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who are we?

Eat well for less Cheap Family Recipes team is a non-profit community of volunteers who met on a moneysaving forum. We are not professional chefs, nutritionists or financial advisers, but between us we have a huge range of experience when it comes to cooking, grocery shopping and feeding our families on a budget. Our passion for food is rivaled only by our passion for eradicating unsupportable debt and supporting subsistence living and financial independence.

The creative force behind the concept, and the author of the website, is mother to two young boys and an old hand at frugal living, having successfully lived on a daily food budget of 50p. Each and every recipe on the site has been given a seal of approval by her husband and elder son (the younger still being too little for solids, but he'll get there!).

The aim of Cheap Family Recipes is to provide a free online resource for all who are forced to live at subsistence level, but do not have the skills, the knowledge or the confidence to do so without jeopardising their family’s health. This is the reason that the budget has been set so low, but it does not mean that if you are fortunate enough not to belong in this category, there is nothing here for you. On the contrary, we hope that the site will be helpful to all who feel they could benefit from reducing their food spends, regardless of the reason.

We will be very happy if you find the planners on the site useful during a stressful time, but we will be even happier if the information and tips on this website give you confidence to become more creative within the confines of your own budget.

To this end, all information on this website is freely available for redistribution, but as all words found on the internet are intellectual property and copyright of their authors, please credit us as the original source of the information. Our photography is copyright of the photographer and we reserve the rights on any redistribution.

The CFR team is not a closed team, and we are always on the lookout for people willing and able to help. If you would like to be involved with the project in any way, please email us here. (See FAQ page about the website reboot).