other festive recipes

some more festive recipes

These recipes are for you to choose to use instead of any on the celebration planner. They are just as frugal but do not fit with our planner in it's entirety and so you may have a small amount of leftover ingredients.
(figures are per person)
cost per meal per person ease diet freeze
cook time
cranberry and cashew nut roastdinner63p2 mediumveganYes(25) / 25
tomato and basil souplunch3.7p1 easyveganYes(5) / 20
creamy parsnip souplunch17p1 easyvegetarianYes(10) / 45
roast chicken and trimmingsdinner97p2 mediummeatNo(40) / 150
yule logdessert22.6p3 skilledvegetarianYes(50) / 20
chocolate nut cheesecakedessert19.3p2 mediumvegetarianYes(20) / 60
lemon cheesecakedessert18.6p2 mediumvegetarianYes(10) / 60