walnut and seed spread

Walnut and seed spread


300g walnuts
80g pumpkin seeds
20g sugar
160ml veg oil
heaped teaspoon garam masala


Pulverise the nuts, sugar, spice and seeds in your food processor until finely chopped.

Then drizzle in a thin stream of oil, until you've achieved a looseish consistency like the one in the image.

Serve 10g per piece of bread/toast and have 2-3 slices per breakfast depending on your energy needs. Make once in the month if you are following our meal planner.

Store in a large sterilised jam jar or two, or freeze until required. Keeps for 5 days in the refrigerator.

nutritional information

This recipe contains per meal (including side dishes):
(K)calories- 562
protein (g)- 16
fat (g)-24
sat fat (g)- 2.81
carb (g)- 71
5 a day portions- 0
fibre (g)- 6
salt (g)- 0
calcium (mg)- 35
iron (mg)- 1

The salt value excludes any you have added yourself, as each family's tastes will differ