spanish omelette

spanish omelette


60g cheddar
4 eggs
160g butternut squash cut into small cubes (approx 1 cm)
160g onion, also diced
10ml oil for frying
splash of milk
half a teaspoon of chilli
teaspoon of garlic


Fry butternut squash for approx 10-15 mins gently until tender to the tooth, add onion after 10 mins and fry until softened and browned.

Butternut squash will take longer so begin it 5-10 minutes before adding the onion.

Whisk egg, grated cheese, milk and spices together in a jug, and then pour over the cooked vegetables. Cook for a few more minutes until most of the omelette seems solid.

Place under grill to brown the top.

Serve with 80g carrot and 250g potato wedges per person.