pork tortilla wraps

pork tortilla wraps


leftover pork joint, approx 600g meat if not following our planner
leftover mushroom soup, from christmas day if following our planner, or a half batch of our mushroom soup recipe, if not
450g SR flour, plus 30g for your filling
160g onions, chopped into dice
1.5 tsp salt
3 tsp veg oil
180ml reconstituted evaporated milk 1:2
110 ml water

salt and ground black pepper to taste

tortilla method

Sift flour into a bowl

Whisk milk, oil and salt

Pour into flour, stirring to mix

Once mixed, turn out onto a lightly floured worktop and knead for 2 minutes

Cover and leave for 15 minutes (it won’t rise but needs to relax)

Cut into 12 balls (approx 50g each)

Cover and leave to relax for 10 minutes

Roll each one out into a circle (approximately 8 inches)

Heat a heavy frying pan (preferably cast iron)

Drop in one tortilla and turn after about 2 minutes (the surface should bubble) Press down with a tea towel but be careful that you you do not burn your fingers.

Place inside a dry tea towel to keep warm whilst you cook the rest.

pork filling method

Cube the leftover pork, removing any large pieces of fat.

Chop your onions and fry them adding your pork as soon as the onions have softened.

Add your leftover mushroom soup and a paste made with 30g flour and up to 90ml of additional water until you reach the right sauce consistency.

Place a serving spoon sized amount onto the centre of each tortilla, roll and serve. There are 3 tortillas for each person.