pasta salad

pasta salad


100g peas
250g pasta
50 ml vegetable oil
dessertspoon balsamic vinegar
half teaspoon garlic powder
fresh herbs if you grow them or have them already


Cook and drain the pasta.

Make a dressing with the garlic, oil and vinegar.

Combine the dressing with the pasta and add the frozen peas. The warmth of the pasta will be enough to cook the peas, and they will cool the pasta to room temperature.

Serve with 2 slices per person of homemade bread to mop up the juices.

nutritional information

This recipe contains per meal (including side dishes):
(K)calories- 349
protein (g)- 9
fat (g)-14
sat fat (g)- 2.2
carb (g)- 47
5 a day portions- 0
fibre (g)- 2
salt (g)- 0
calcium (mg)- 153
iron (mg)- 2

The salt value excludes any you have added yourself, as each family's tastes will differ