pasta amatriciana

pasta amatriciana


450g pasta cooked and drained
200g onion chopped into little half cm dice
1 can tomatoes, chopped finely
40g tomato puree
10g Garlic
quarter teaspooon chilli powder
70g bacon cut into little slithers 1-2 mm x 1 cm with your kitchen scissors
60ml oil


serves 4

fry onions, bacon and seasonings in oil then when onions are softened and beginning to go translucent, add chopped tomatoes and their juice, tomato paste, a tspn salt and cook until you have a sauce that is glossy and will coat the pasta like in the picture.

Place the cooked pasta into the pan with the sauce, and toss it until each penne shape is coated with glossy tomatoey bacony loveliness.

The sauce is meant to be a concentrated flavour dressing for the pasta (the Italian way) rather than an enormous blob on the top of plain pasta (the English way!)

nutritional information

This recipe contains per meal (including side dishes):
(K)calories- 613
protein (g)- 18
fat (g)-20
sat fat (g)- 4
carb (g)- 90
5 a day portions- 2
fibre (g)- 3
salt (g)- 1
calcium (mg)- 308
iron (mg)- 3

The salt value excludes any you have added yourself, as each family's tastes will differ