mushroom soup

cream of mushroom soup


400g mushrooms
60ml oil
2 cloves of crushed garlic
2 thick slices of white bread, with the crusts removed (save these for croutons) - weight approximately 160g
850ml of stock made with 1 chicken oxo cube
1 teaspoon mixed spice
70 ml single cream and 50 ml whipping cream
Salt and pepper


Rinse the mushrooms, wipe and trim the ends of the stalks, then cut into small pieces. Put the oil in a heavy saucepan, put in the mushrooms and let them soften. Soak the bread in a little of the stock. When the juice begins to run from the mushrooms, add 1 clove of the the garlic, crushed, salt, pepper, mixed spice and stew for a few minutes more.

Squeeze out the bread and add to the mushrooms. Stir until the bread is amalgamated, then add the stock. Cook for about 15 minutes, then liquidise the soup, which will end up the consistency of thin cream, with little grainy particles of mushroom suspended in it. Return to the saucepan, add the cream, check the seasoning, then serve.

To make your croutons, cut the crusts into 1cm cubes and fry with a crushed clove of garlic until golden brown.

Serve half of the recipe for 4 people at christmas lunch if following our Christmas planner, reserving approximately half for the pork in tortilla wraps meal. Refrigerate the leftovers until then.