cottage pie

cottage pie


240g onions diced
300g mince
80g instant oat cereal why?
320g carrot grated
2 cans tomatoes
salt, pepper,
1 teaspoon garlic,
1/2 teaspoon chilli
1/2 teaspoon garam masala
salt & pepper to taste
1 kg potatoes (250g per person)
We are using supermarket own version of ready brek cereal in our recipes to make sure that you and your family get enough calcium and vitamin B12 in your diet. If you are following the month's plan in its entirety, you will need this to stay healthy.


Slice and boil 1kg potatoes. Slices need to be approx 3-5mm.

Fry onions, spices and mince together until onion is softened and meat is browned off.

Chop tomatoes in the can with your knife and then tip the tomatoes and juice into your pan.

Add grated carrot and the oats and keep stirring until the oats have cooked out and absorbed the tomatoey juices and the grated carrot has disappeared.

Transfer from your pan to your oven dish. Top with sliced, boiled potatoes. Place in oven at gas mark 6 until tops of potatoes have browned, approximately 15 mins.

Serve with 80g peas per person.