tomato relish

tomato relish


1 can tomatoes
2 small onions,
vinegar (from your jar of roasted red peppers-if following our meal planner)
garam masala
salt and pepper,


Cut the tomatoes into pieces in the tin, using your knife against the side of your tin.

Tip them and all your other ingredients into a heavy bottomed metal sauce pan and cook on a medium heat for approximately 35 mins. Pour into a sterilised jar, keep in the fridge for around 6 weeks.

nutritional information

This recipe contains per meal (including side dishes):
(K)calories- None
protein (g)- None
fat (g)-None
sat fat (g)- None
carb (g)- None
5 a day portions- None
Salt (g)- None
calcium (mg)- None
iron (mg)- None

The salt value excludes any you have added yourself, as each family's tastes will differ