butternut squash tart

butternut squash tart


500g butternut squash
50 ml veg oil
230g self raising flour
4 slices home made white bread, crumbed
150g sugar
2 heaped teaspoons garam masala


Cook the squash in a pan with water, garam masala and 130g sugar, (cover with a lid so any bits poking above get steamed.

Remove lid when it’s all mulched together. Keep adding water/reducing until you have a thickish wallpaper paste consistency.

Crumble in the breadcrumbs, don’t add all of it if it’s getting too stiff: the consistency of a buttery mashed swede would be about right here.

Squidge the flour, 30g sugar, oil and approx 4 tbspns water until you have a soft stretchy dough. Press this out into the base and sides of an 8 inch pie dish or flan case.

Bake at gas mark 5 for approximately 5-8 mins until just beginning to brown, then remove, fill with the squash mixture and bake for a further 10 mins until edges of pastry are dark golden. Makes 8 portions so be very disciplined and freeze half for next time!

nutritional information

This recipe contains per meal (including side dishes):
(K)calories- 601
protein (g)- 10
fat (g)-14
sat fat (g)- 1.93
carb (g)- 107
5 a day portions- 1
fibre (g)- 4
salt (g)- 0
calcium (mg)- 78
iron (mg)- 4

The salt value excludes any you have added yourself, as each family's tastes will differ.