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how to choose which planner is best for you

Eat well for less

Before putting together our meal planners we surveyed over 600 people to ask when faced with a tighter budget, which things they would struggle to give up.

Two of the main things were having meat 3-4 times a week,(option one) and being able to have fresh fruit each day (option 2).

We have built our planners to accomodate as many of those as we could. We suggest that you and your family have a think about which things you are happy to compromise on. This should help you choose the planner that's right for you.

characteristics 80p a day meat no battery eggs cheese/dairy fresh fruit vegetarian vegan
option one
option two

or for a celebration week, try our weekly meal planner which feeds a family of 4 for £25, with a lot more treats for a special occasion!