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Your Weekly Shopping Lists

These shopping lists are calculated in July 2010 using ASDA prices.

We do advise that you shop once a week and we have provided your lists on a week by week basis to help you with the management of your finances.

Each covers 7 days of food from the Tuesday to the Monday of following week. Note: some of the ingredients you will have bought one week will last into subsequent weeks. Your non-perishable goods will keep well, but we recommend poaching your chicken, and dividing it up into 4, for the subsequent weeks, and freezing it.

The reason we have not included the cost of seasonings in our £100/month planner is because the £100 is designed to cover a 31-day month. Since not all months have 31 days, this leaves a remainder of approximately £22.40 over the course of 1 year, which more than pays for the seasonings being used in the planner's recipes.

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