1. Kit already featuring on the "Kitchen essentials page"

Gas or electric cooker

Fridge freezer

3 saucepans

Large non-stick frying pan

1 large rectangular baking dish

1 litre Pyrex measuring jug

5.5-6.5 inch Pyrex pudding basin

1 sharp knife for cutting meat

1 bread knife

1 small chopping knife

1 large casserole dish

large mixing bowl or use washing up bowl

2 x chopping boards (1 for raw meat)

4 x 2lb loaf tins

2 baking trays

wooden spoon

kitchen scales

Box grater

Fish slice/non stick spatula for flipping pancakes/waffles

Metal sieve or colander

Pair of kitchen scissors

Set of measuring spoons

Food processor

2. Christmas Planner Specific:

Sterilised bottle or jar for sugar syrup

Yorkshire pudding tin

Whisk (electric will make life easier, but a rotary or balloon whisks will also do the job)

At least one of the saucepans to have a lid

Swiss roll tin

Square baking tin or dish

Greaseproof paper

Slow cooker

OR large roasting tin and aluminium foil

Apple corer (or a potato peeler with a sharp tip)