Eat well for less We’re assuming you have access to the following equipment:

Gas or electric cooker
Fridge freezer
3 saucepans
Large non-stick frying pan
1 large rectangular baking dish
1 litre Pyrex measuring jug
5.5-6.5 inch Pyrex pudding basin
1 sharp knife for cutting meat
1 bread knife
1 small chopping knife
1 large casserole dish
large mixing bowl or use washing up bowl
1 can opener
2 x chopping boards (1 for raw meat)
4 x 2lb loaf tins
2 baking trays
wooden spoon
kitchen scales
Box grater
Fish slice/non stick spatula for flipping burgers
Rolling pin or large bottle filled with water/wine bottle
Freezer containers/margarine containers
Metal sieve or colander
Pair of kitchen scissors
Set of measuring spoons
Food processor
a 7 inch flan dish
Eat well for less

optional extras - ideal but not essential

soup ladle
2nd casserole dish
potato masher
silicone baking sheet