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Frequently asked questions:

Eat well for less I don't want to save quite so much money, can I still use this site to help me?

Yes, absolutely! By swapping from shop-bought to home-made bread, the average family of 4 will save £350 a year, so you may want to start there, just by incorporating some bread making into your routine. Alternatively you could try just incorporating 1 evening meal and one lunch per week. This would save the average family over £800 per year, just for that one easy swap. Some of our testers used the monthly planners but only for their evening meals and by doing this were able to halve their monthly spend. We are happy to offer a resource which people can incorporate into their everyday lives and tailor to their specific situation.

I've noticed seasonings are not included in your costings, why is this?

The reason we have not included the cost of seasonings in our £100 per month planner is because the £100 is designed to cover a 31 day month. Since not all months have 31 days, this leaves a remainder of approximately £22.40 over the course of 1 year, which more than pays for the seasonings being used in the planner's recipes. We are assuming that you will have access to salt, pepper, garam masala and garlic powder, and our testers found that they only used the amount of these seasonings which can be easily purchased for £22.40 in a year.

The planners are very dependent on home-made bread, what can I do if I am struggling to make this?

Some testers have found the no knead bread (featured throughout this site) difficult whilst others find it an excellent money and time saver, this can be due to differences in the water, or the temperature of your house. One possibility is to use the ingredients and quantities as specified in our planner bread recipes, but to use the method outlined in Paul Merrett's bread recipe at BBC Good Food site.

My home-made loaves seem smaller than a shop-bought loaf!

Yes, typically the loaf will seem approximately 3/4 of the size. However, please do persevere! This is because shop-bought loaves tend to be more aerated. You will find the home-made bread just as filling as there is the same energy (kcal) per slice. You will probably find the loaf denser in texture and with more moisture than shop-bought bread. You may also find initially that the taste is different. Typically shop-bought bread has a much higher salt content 8-10 times as much, so the home-made version can take a short time for your palate to adjust. You may also notice that shop-bought is a much brighter white of crumb and a darker crust, whereas home-made bread has a pale buttercream coloured crumb and a honey-brown crust.

NEW: What's with the Reboot message and all the "Image missing" pictures?

Glad you asked! This site was originally hosted on cheap-family-recipes.org.uk but mysteriously went awol some time in 2013. I wanted to check the potato wedges recipe and was very disappointed to see it had gone offline, so decided to bring it back. The original domain name was no longer available, and emailing the owner resulted in an email bounce back, so I registered cheap-family-recipes.org, recovered all I could from the wayback machine, and well there you go. The missing images are ones that were not recoverable. If you would to get in touch for any reason, please email me at info@cheap-family-recipes.org. If you have any good photos for any of the missing images, please send them through and I'll put them online.