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Show me the money!

Eat well for less We're providing a healthy and very low budget meal planner for an average UK family. It costs 80p per person per day. We've assumed you'd shop at one UK supermarket, (ASDA) for ease. They were the cheapest shop for the ingredients we picked. We're not affiliated to Asda. The green uniform clashes with our eyes. But the chips were as cheap as um....

The prices were all calculated in September 2010, at present (July 2011) our team have noted the CFR menus costing approximately 4% more than when first created.

80p a day may not sound like a huge reduction to your spending, so to motivate you, let’s look at it in a different way.

For the average family of 4 in the UK, these meal plans would save you nearly £4,200 a year!

Just think what you could do with all that cash…

Each person in a whole year is only spending £290 on all their food and drink. And it’s darn tasty.

What are you waiting for?