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Can't cook, won't cook?

...including batch cooking, equipment and growing your own.
What's the recipe today - Weez? Here are our tips for cooking our meal planners, we hope you find them useful The articles below are also written to help you come up with your own thrifty nutritious meal plans. Everyone from novice level to those who could teach Delia a thing or two are welcome to our planner, and so here are some tips if you don't know your hollandaise from your halibut!

  • kitchen essentials

  • how to get ahead with your cooking

  • make the most of your leftovers

  • grow your own, fruit vegetables and herbs

  • tips for 'frugalising' a recipe

  • how to make chicken stock

  • bored of our option one meal planner?

  • ringing the changes with our option two meal planner

  • making your own meal planner if ours don't fit your family

    We hope we have given you the starting point to create your own thrifty meal planner, and want to give you the confidence to know it is nutritionally balanced. This nutrition article helps you to do just that!